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     Bahia Sod  Installation Sale, Call for Price.               
      High Grade Clean Bahia, our bahia field is maintained to ensure the                      highest quality for residential
 and commercial Lawns.

       Being a warm southern grass, Bahia grass is resistant to drought, disease and most insect attacks. These characteristics make Bahia perfect for Florida. Bahia grass can survive in a variety of soils from sand, sandy to clay and other infertile, dry soils. Bahia grass is drought resistant turf. It does well in lawns and along highways, and its best used in sunny areas in warm humid regions like Florida. The Bahia grass roots can extend up to 8" deep once established. This is an important factor in erosion control.

Bahia grass in Florida requires some maintenance to keep looking good in residential and commercial landscapes. Bahia grass is used extensively in lawns along coastal areas in Florida. Without fertilizer Bahia grass will thin out over time. Bahia grass also has a low tolerance to many weed control herbicides. Bahia grass has a vigorous growing habit and requires frequent mowing during hot weather.


                            Palmetto SodSALE call for prices.

Palmetto St. Augustine is quickly becoming the industry standard in Florida. This versatile grass, because of its superior shade, cold, frost, heat and drought tolerance, is used in a wide range of climate and soil conditions across the Southern United States. Like all turf grasses however, Palmetto St. Augustine is a living plant and not a miracle grass. When properly maintained, this grass will deliver a very pleasing lawn for years to come in the state of Florida.

empire zoysia turf

                       Certified Empire Turf Install Sale call for pricing.                     

With a deep, thick root structure, EMPIRE Zoysia Grass is as hardy as it is attractive. This type of Zoysia grass is more drought tolerant than most other varieties. With natural chinch bug and chemical resistance's plus a slower vertical growth, your lawn will require less maintenance, mowing and watering. In some instances, once naturalized to the local Florida climate, EMPIRE Zoysia Grass requires minimal irrigation.

hese reduced maintenance needs and durability are Empire's hallmarks. Empire Zoysia is one of the few grasses rated to perform well in all zones; and it can thrive in varying soils and climatic conditions similar to Florida.

Durable enough for professional use, Empire Zoysia is also a favorite of golf courses, theme parks, master planned communities, office complexes and other commercial areas.

Developed specifically for the unique southeastern environment, Empire Zoysia meets the Florida Green Building Coalition's "Green Building" standards. This allows Florida builders seeking "Green Home Certification" to specify Empire Zoysia and receive certifying points. Empire Zoysia is the only Zoysia grass approved by the FGBC with a proven track record in the state. Over 20,000 Florida homes already are using Empire Zoysia with thousands more expected while water conservation remains a top priority.

                              Zoysia season is here.

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                 St. Augustine Sod install sale call for price.                         

St. Augustine Floratam grass made its debut in 1972. Originally released by the Florida & Texas Agricultural Experiment Stations, it started off as a SAD virus and chinch bug resistant turf; it has now been found to be brown patch tolerant as well. The stolons of Floratam have a purplish red tint to them with internodes averaging 3 inches in length. With wider and longer blades, it is considered to be the most drought-tolerant of all St. Augustine grasses.

           Bitter blue Summer install sale call for pricing.

Bitter Blue grass is an improved St. Augustine grass that has a finer, denser texture. Bitter blue has a darker blue-green color than the common St. Augustine. Bitter blue has a good  shade and cold tolerance.

Celebration Bermuda Grass  500 Sq Ft. Pallets -    Call for pricing.    Delivery   (M-F)

Celebration Bermudagrass is an Australian Breed Cynodon dactylon developed by renowned turf grass breeder Rod Riley. This grass offers specifiers, landscapers, golf course designers, sports turf managers and home-owners exceptional performance across a wide spectrum of applications. Requiring less mowing than typical Bermuda grass varieties, Celebration Bermudagrass also has tough runners, rhizomes, and deep roots that provide excellent sod strength, wear ability, and improved drought tolerance. Celebration Bermudagrass is the first Bermudagrass to exhibit improved tolerance in sports turf comparisons. It has also been included in several comparative Bermudagrass studies including the 2002 National Turf grass Evaluation Program (NTEP) trials where early observations are very promising.

Rapid expansion rate, reproduction from rhizomes, and natural chemical resistance's (similar to other Bermudagrasses) for easier weed control help Celebration Bermudagrass offer reduced production costs. Celebration Bermudagrass has proven its ability to thrive in hot, humid conditions in a variety of applications and has performed well in sandy and clay soil types with aggressive growth from its runners and rhizomes, as well as be mowed with a standard rotary mower due to its broader leaf and open growth habit.

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